Top 3 places to buy FDM 3D Printer in India.

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Owning a 3d printer is a lifelong dream for every engineer, at least that’s what it was for me. I mean, an object appearing out of thin air, come on, that’s magic.  I admit that magic doesn’t take as long, but it is nothing short of a miracle. 

Thanks to a few brands, they’ve made it possible for any one to experience the magic. When the pandemic had our world in its grips, we were working our butts off sitting at home all day. That’s when I came across a 3D Print time-lapse video (Man oh man, it was satisfying!). One thing led to another and 2 days later I was searching for places to buy one for myself.

Damn, was it hard enough to earn money during the pandemic, it was harder to spend (who knew). It was even harder to find a trustworthy place to buy a 3D printer from. The research took me well over 8 weeks with the increased response time from the vendors due to the lockdown.

That’s when I realized, there must be so many like me wanting to buy one but don’t have the time to do the research and Voila! Here we are with my 8 weeks worth of research consolidated into a 10 minute read.

Here’s the result of a quick survey I conducted in the 3D Printing community in India:

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Survey Results

Majority of the responses were pointing to Amazon. So I did a quick search on and here are the results:

3D Printer

Five of the top 8 results were from 3Idea Technologies and three from Wol3D. Let’s jump in and I’ll give you my personal experience with each of these resellers.

3Idea Technology is one of the leading retailers of 3D Printers and accessories in India. They boast an extensive range of 3D Printers for all types of FDM needs: Hobbyists to Industrial Grade. They also have a good collection of Filaments from reputed brands like Creality and Sunlu. 3Idea is affordable and the tech support is quite efficient. You can place an order with them on Amazon or through their website.

They are flexible to accommodate your requests and the products are cheaper, yet of good quality. 3Idea is my go to supplier for anything-3d-printing. I did my digging and found a few resellers, but still wasn’t ready to part with my money to some stranger. So I decided to call each one up and check on them. 3Idea was quick to respond and they gave me a better offer than most. They also assured me that I would get the printer within 5 working days. Oh! Let me remind you, we were still under lockdown then. But they did manage to deliver within 7 days.

Here’s a list of the available FDM printers in their inventory:

You can get in touch with them for offers and the availability from here.

The next in the ranking is Wol3D. Wol3D is a verified reseller for Creality 3D, Flashforge and Hismart 3D printers. They have a wide range of 3D printing Filaments to choose from as well. You can find spares and accessories for your 3D printing needs from Wol3D. The quality of their products are good, but not worth the price difference. They have branches in some of the major cities in India. You can reach out to them for technical help or if you need assistance with assembling your 3D Printer.

Before I got in touch with 3Idea, I reached out to Wol3D and requested a quote for a 3D printer. They told me that I would get it within a few hours, and I waited for 2 days – nothing. I rang them up again and finally got the quotation. The price difference was significant. So I decided to go with 3Idea, of course.

2 months later I wanted to buy extra nozzles, so I turned to the 3D Printing WhatsApp groups. A lot of them suggested Wol3D. So I placed an order (the price was a little higher than what was available on Amazon, but What the hell!). To my surprise, it was delivered within 4 days. The quality was good too. I got the wrong first impression, but cut them some slack, it was Lockdown!

Here’s a list of the available FDM printers:

Reach out to them in case you have any queries.

Let’s go over the other responses from the survey. As you know, there were other responses – Ali Express, Banggood, Gearbest and the Creality Website. But, due to the shipping restrictions imposed as a result of the Indo-China clashes, some orders placed in May/June of 2020 were confiscated by the Indian Customs. If you would like to place an order now, sadly, they do not deliver to India currently.

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Creality Store
3D Printer
3D Printer
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Now that you’re aware on where you can buy, want help with choosing the right 3D Printer for you within your Budget? Best Budget 3D Printer in India under ₹ 20,000

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