Shipping Update: Pickup & Deliveries to be Impacted Due to Night Curfew & Lockdown in Several States & Union Territories Across the Country

The COVID-19 cases in India have hit a grim milestone on Monday, April 22, 2021, when it recorded over 3 lakh new COVID-19 cases in a single day. Now, coming into action, governments of these states have imposed a strict night curfew, weekend lockdown, and lockdown.

Here’s the list of states and cities that have night curfew or weekend lockdown imposed:

StateCityDelivery allowed categoriesDelivery Cut OffLokdown informationNotification LinkValid Upto
MAHARASHTRAAllEssentials Only18:00 hrsLockdownLink01-May
UTTAR PRADESHAllAll other cities18:00 hrsNight Curfew & Weekend Lockdown 30-Apr
KARNATAKAAllEssentials Only18:00 hrsLockdownLink12-May
DELHIAllEssentials Only18:00 hrsLockdown 3-May
TAMIL NADUAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew & Weekend Lockdown 30-Apr
TELANGANAAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew 01-May
WEST BENGALAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrs- -
ANDHRA PRADESHAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsWeekend Lockdown -
GUJARATAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew -
RAJASTHANAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsLockdownLink3rd May
KERALAAll other citiesBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew & Weekend Lockdown -
KERALAERNAKULAMBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsLockdown -
HARYANAAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew -
BIHARAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew -
PUNJABAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew -
MADHYA PRADESHAllEssentials Only18:00 hrsLockdown 30th April
ASSAMAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight CurfewLink3-May
ODISHAAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew -
JAMMU & KASHMIRAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew -
JHARKHANDAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials16:00 hrsLockdown 29-Apr
UTTARAKHANDAll other citiesBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials17:00 hrsNight Curfew & Weekend Lockdown -
UTTARAKHANDKotdwarEssentials Only17:00 hrsLockdown 3-May
 SwargashramEssentials Only17:00 hrsLockdown 3-May
 RishikeshEssentials Only17:00 hrsLockdown 3-May
 Garhi Cantt and Clement TownEssentials Only17:00 hrsLockdown 3-May
 HaldwaniEssentials Only17:00 hrsLockdown 3-May
 LalkuanEssentials Only17:00 hrsLockdown 3-May
 RamnagarEssentials Only17:00 hrsLockdown 3-May
CHHATTISGARHAllBoth Not Allowed18:00 hrsLockdown 05-May
HIMACHAL PRADESHAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsWeekend Lockdown -
GOAAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew -
CHANDIGARHAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew & Weekend Lockdown -
ARUNACHAL PRADESHAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrs- -
MEGHALAYAAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrs- -
NAGALANDDimapurBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew -
SIKKIMAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew -
TRIPURAAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrs- -
MANIPURAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsNight Curfew -
MIZORAMAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsLockdown 26-Apr
PUDUCHERRYAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrsLockdown 26-Apr
ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDSAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrs- -
DADRA AND NAGAR HAVELIAllBoth Essentials & Non-Essentials18:00 hrs- -

Important Points to Know

  • All courier operations, will be restricted to 5 PM in these states. Thus, there can be a delay in delivery.
  • We expect hub connection time to be delayed by 1 day because of night curfews.
  • Deliveries will be affected because of multiple restrictions in these states.

Strict Lockdown in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Mizoram, and Puducherry

As the COVID-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate, several state governments have started taking stern measures to curb the spread of this deadly virus.

in Maharashtra, the government has imposed lockdown in the entire state and only delivery of essential items is allowed.

In Delhi, a strict lockdown is imposed till 5:00 AM on 26 May and only delivery of essentials is allowed during the 6-day lockdown.

In Chhattisgarh, no delivery of essentials or non-essential items is allowed.

As a result, the delivery of items in these states will be affected. We would like to bring to your notice the following guidelines as issued by our courier partners and the state government.

eCommerce activities only pertaining to essential categories have been allowed. The notification doesn’t classify the categories falling under essential and a representation to the Govt authorities has been made for clarity.