Hello, we are Exton 3D Prints (E3DP)!

We started really small. There were no investors, no Kickstarter campaigns. Just a man with an idea. Tired of having to use filaments for which we had no control over the quality and having to debug every-time a filament comes in,  was annoying. Either the diameter keeps fluctuating, colours keep varying (sometimes within the same batch) or it clogs the nozzle. That is when the idea to start our own manufacturing was born. 


Affordable filament for everyday printing in premium quality


We were not satisfied with the quality of filaments on the market. So we decided to make our own! That way, we can control every aspect of the manufacturing process.


The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested - string diameter, color consistency, and mechanical properties to make sure that every spool is perfect.


We believe the industry standard of 0.05 mm isn't sufficient. We guarantee ±0.02 mm precision for the the vast majority of materials and highly consistent colours.


We take pride in offering our users a prompt, 24/7 - 365 Support, not just relating to our filament, but with anything related to 3D Printing.


February, 2019

Something second to the quality of your 3D printer is the quality of filaments. With the brands available in India, there were a few issues: Deviation from the declared average, colour consistency or source materials.. quality can vary not only across different manufacturers, but often even across the same brand. And, If you wanted to get the best of the best, then you'd have to set your wallet on fire and wait for about 4- 5 weeks for it to reach you. There was only one suitable solution for us. Let's buy our own lines, so we can start manufacturing filaments directly

April, 2019

Gathering a team of 5 experts in the field of plastics, we started structuring a business model and the requirements to provide a high-quality product for the market. After extensive market research and reaching out to hundreds of extrusion line suppliers and resin manufacturers, we struck a deal and finalized the decision. After which we started gathering funds.

March, 2020

After bootstrapping enough capital and planning for over a year, we established our first production plant in India and started our production, which is when Covid-19 hit and we had to pause the production for a very long time due to lockdown restrictions after just having produced 5 batches of filaments.

June, 2020

After maintaining proper safety measures and obtaining permission from the government, we started our sales and made our First Sale on 11, June 2020. Gradually our filaments started to gain traction. We released the following materials: PLA, PLA+, PETG, TPU and ABS

October, 2020

We released a few exotic Filaments like: Glow in the Dark PLA Blue and Green, PLA Glitter, PLA Wood, PLA Carbon Fiber and PETG Carbon Fiber

July, 2021

To meet the demand, we partnered with a plastics manufacturer and outsourced part of our manufacturing to Orissa, thus establishing our 2nd manufacturing plant.

September, 2021

We had reached serving 1000 consumers across India, most of whom have had excellent results with the filaments. A mini 3D Print farm was setup and we started providing 3D printing as a service to some Industries.

December, 2021

Having attained a certain rapport with the 3D Printing consumer market in India, we planned on expanding to cater to a more serious market and started our research into some industrial materials like PA6 Nylon and PolyCarbonate.

September, 2022

With the release of PA6 Nylon and PC line of filaments, we have officially entered into the Industrial Sector. We are also starting to provide 3D Printing services with SLS, DLP, and SLA technologies.
Some new exotic filaments were launched:
PLA Silk
PLA Matte
Carbon Fiber (ABS, PETG, Nylon, PC)

3D printer Filament PLA PLA+ ABS PETG TPU